Walking Trails, Fraser’s Hill

There are a number of walking trails in and around Fraser’s Hill in Malaysia offering short to medium walks through the highland jungle. On a recent visit to Fraser’s Hill we tried to cover some of these trails but some were not viable to walk given the lack of maintenance and some severe degradation of the paths.

Fraser’s Hill is well known for the abundance of bird life so many bird watchers come here to spot all the varied species.

Hemmant Trail (1km)

The Hemmant Trail start from just next to the mosque at Fraser’s Hill and skirts around the hills ide above the golf course. This trail is named after Frank Hemmant, an architect who designed the 9-hole golf course in 1920. This trail helped Frank Hemmant survey and inspect his work on the golf course. The trail is generally level with no major obstacles and finishes at the road running down from the Silver Park Apartments. Opposite the exit you can walk a short distance to the start of the Bishop’s Trail.

We walked the Hemmant Trail in both directions finishing up again next to the mosque and stopped at the small cafe, Kedai Makan Hamzah, for a drink and a snack before tackling the Abu Suradi Trail which is on the opposite side of the road from the mosque.

Abu Suradi Trail (500m)

The Abu Suradi Trail starts from just opposite the mosque and runs up the hill to the small road running from the Jelai Resort to Allan’s Water. The trail is named after Abu bin Suradi who was the firts person to be issued with a mining lease at Pamah Lebar which is the location of the present day golf course. He made a bridle path to connect his thached home near the present day Maybank Lodge to his mining site at the present 9th hole fairway. The trail is initially steep but it is a very short trail and comes out right next to the start of the Mager Trail

Rompin Trail (500m)

We attempted to walk the Rompin Trail which starts at the Rompin bungalow and a short distance before Ye Olde Smokehouse and runs down to the Taman Sungai Hijau flats. The trail was used by the residents here as a shortcut to the town centre. The start of the trail was a steep slope down the hill but due to many falled trees, soil erosion and landslides the path was in very bad shape so we abandoned this trail.

Mager Trail (1km)

The Mager Trail runs from the end of the Abu Suradi Trail down to the entrance road (Gap Road) to the town centre. The trail is named after F. W. Mager who was a Pahang Public Work Department engineer who started earthwork on the Gap Road. The trail has a few small steep slopes but generally fairly good to walk. There are some beautiful large tree ferns to see on this walk. There was also evidence on the trail of wild boar diggings.

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