Castillo de Monterrei, Monterrei, Spain

Castillo de Monterrei or Monterrey Castle is a 12th-century castle in Ourense close to the town of Verin in Spain. 

It is located on a hilltop at a strategic point on the border between the kingdoms of Galicia and Portugal. It is now a hotel belonging to the network of Paradores. This castle is one of the best preserved fortresses in Galicia and consists of 3 walled enclosures on a long hill.

Monterrey Castle played an important role throughout the Portuguese-Spanish wars, having been strategically built on the frontier for the purpose. It was more than a castle since included within the perimeter were a monastery, a hospital and a small town which was abandoned in the 19th century. The castle itself is more impressive from afar than at closer look, but the view from the heights is worth the drive up. At night it is lit up and you can see it for miles on clear nights, even from the hills of Chaves in neighbouring Portugal.

Close to the Castillo de Monterrei you can walk to the 12th-century defensive fortress known as Forte da Atalaia which sits atop a nearby hilltop and where you get wonderful views of the castle and over the surrounding Galician plateau.

In the nearby village of Mixos close to Castillo de Monterrei you can find the small chapel called Igrexa de Santa María de Mixós.

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