Elie Chain Walk


One of the more interesting walks along the Fife Coastal Path in Scotland is the section just west of Elie and Earlsferry. The walk along the base of the cliffs at Kincraig Point can be traversed using a series of heavy duty chain links to assist you round the steep cliffs. This makes for an exciting and strenuous clamber and has been somewhat of a family tradition to do every year.

It’s a great short walk for all ages – we had 3 generations doing the walk this year!

We usually park at Earlsferry close to the golf course then make our way across the golf course to the beach and head west towards the cliffs.


As you approach the steep cliffs you can take the path to the top of the cliffs so you can start the chain walk from the west side and come back towards Elie and Earlsferry on the return. As you climb up to the top of the cliffs from the beach you get a magnificent view looking back eastwards towards Earlsferry and Elie over the golf course.




Time to rest at the top and grab some family photographs before starting the strenuous part.


The walk along the top of the cliffs gives you great views over Shell Bay to the west and there are a few old military ruined buildings dotted about to explore.

IMG_3629IMG_ 1787IMG_ 1797

At the westward side of the cliffs you walk down many steps to the start of the Chainwalk and a WARNING notice highlights all the dangers and risks …. please read.


There are a total of 8 chains along the cliffs that you have to navigate over, with varying degrees of difficulty, but once you get the confidence of trusting the chains it becomes so much easier. It’s good to have some sensible shoes or boots and in my case I also didn’t take my expensive DSLR camera and shot all the images here with my iPhone …. just in case.


We had our two granddaughters join us and they did incredibly well in completing all the sections.





There are some interesting geological formations along the route as can be seen here.


Once you complete all the chains this brings you back to the west end of the beach so you then need to walk back along the beach across the golf course and you are done. It is then recommended you head back along to Elie and the Ship Inn for a large beer and a great plate of fish and chips to finish your day off …. you deserve them!

Ship Inn, Elie

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