Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

Vineyards right in the middle of Saint-Emilion

Saint-Émilion is a charming medieval village in France located in the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine area. It is a unique site with an interesting history where you can find world-famous wineries, fine wine, good food, beautiful architecture and great monuments.

Saint-Emilion central square
The cloisters behind the tourist office and which links to the Collegiate church.
The cloisters behind the tourist office and which links to the Collegiate church.
Collegiate Church
Collegiate Church

Saint-Émilion’s history goes back to prehistoric times and is a World Heritage site, with fascinating Romanesque churches and ruins stretching all along steep and narrow streets.
The Romans planted vineyards in what was to become Saint-Émilion as early as the 2nd century. In the 4th century, the Latin poet Ausonius lauded the fruit of the bountiful vine.
The town was named after the monk Émilion, a travelling confessor, who settled in a hermitage carved into the rock there in the 8th century. It was the monks who followed him that started up the commercial wine production in the area

Old cobbled streets of Saint-Emilion
Remnants of medieval architecture are still obvious in the streets
An old archway over one of the small cobbled streets
Walking the many steep old streets of Saint-Emilion is a great way to see the town
Wonderful cobbled streets of Saint-Emilion

The limestone plateau on which the town was located was excavated for its stone which built all of the region’s stone buildings. Today it leaves 200km of tunnels under the town.

The lower part of monolithic church is inside one of the many tunnels under the town of Saint-Emilion
Boulangerie selling the famous macarons and caneles

The best way to explore Saint-Emilion is on foot and walking the many steep and cobbled streets. The architecture is very interesting and of course there are numerous cafes, wine bars and restaurants to stop at to rest and refresh yourself.

Winding streets of Saint-Emilion with the monolithic church in the distance
Beautiful architecture can be seen in Saint-Emilion
Monolithic church
Small cobbled streets of Saint-Emilion
The steep cobbled streets are full of restaurants, cafes and wine bars.
A wonderful view down a steep cobbled street of Saint-Emilion
Wine bar


Saint-Émilion is an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) for wine in the Bordeaux wine region of France, where it is situated in the Libourne subregion on the right bank of the Dordogne. Saint-Émilion is registered as a world heritage by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Its 5,400 hectares (13,000 acres) represent 67.5% of the total area of wine-producing communes (Saint-Émilion, Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes, Saint-Hippolyte, Saint-Étienne-de-Lisse, Saint-Laurent-des-Combes, Saint-Pey-d’Armens, Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens, Vignonet, and a part of the Libourne commune) and 6% of the total Bordeaux vineyard.

The wines of Saint-Émilion are typically blended from different grape varieties, the three main ones being Merlot (60% of the blend), Cabernet Franc (nearly 30%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (around 10%).

Vineyards surrounding the town of Saint-Emilion
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An old abandoned house in a vineyard
A cat sleeps in front of a wine shop in Saint-Emilion


For the wine connoisseur Saint-Emilion is a wonderful place to visit where there is a chance to sample many different wines and vintages and purchase some wines to take home.

A list of vintage wines outside a wine shop in Saint-Emilion
Wine – a good reason to visit Saint-Emilion
Wine – a good reason to visit Saint-Emilion
Vineyard in Saint-Emilion
A beautiful restaurant looking out over a vineyard in Saint-Emilion

Macarons & Caneles are local delicacies which are sold all over Saint-Emilion. Macarons are chewy almond flavoured cookies. A canele is a small French pastry with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust.

Macarons & Caneles are local delicacies
A sign outside a restaurant in Saint-Emilion
A wine bar in Saint-Emilion

Where there is good wine there is usually good food and in Saint-Emilion you can find some great restaurants and of course some great wines to match your meal.

Many restaurants can be found in the cobbled streets of Saint-Emilion
A typical steep cobbled street in Saint-Emilion
Macarons for sale
Plenty of places to eat and drink in Saint-Emilion


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