Pekasam – Fermented Fish.

Pekasam, Pakasam or Bekasam is a Malay term for fermented food, more precisely fermented fish product. In Malay and Banjar cookery, pekasam usually refers to freshwater fish fermented with salt, palm sugar, toasted rice grains and pieces of asam gelugur. In the Lenggong area of Perak, Malaysia pekasam is a popular food and large amounts of fish taken from the Perak River and lakes are used in the preoparation of pekasam.

The fish are cleaned, rolled in a mixture of toasted rice, salt, palm sugar and asam gelugur and then stored in large drums for sale and later use.

The Malayan porcupine or Himalayan porcupine (Hystrix brachyura) is a species of rodent in the family Hystricidae which are hunted for meat and traditional medicines. At Kiah Pekasam Enterprise they also reared and farmed porcupines which are a popular exotic meat dish in this region.

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