Canadian Rockies Road Trip – Meadows In The Sky, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Our next stop was Revelstoke and we took the exciting drive up the 26km long steep and winding Meadows In The Sky Parkway in the Mount Revelstoke National Park directly next to Revelstoke which took you up from 470m on the Trans Canadian Highway to Balsam Lake which is almost to the summit of Mount Revelstoke at a height of 1835m. The road takes you through forests of cedar and hemlock, spruce and fir to the renowned subalpine wildflower meadows.

We stopped at a few of the viewpoints as we headed up the road and got increasingly better views as we got higher. The temperature dropped as we increased altitude so by the time we got to the top it was -1 deg C.

After parking the car at Balsam Lake we took a trek around the small frozen lake and then out the Eagle Knoll Trail. It was very cold and the ground was frozen but the trail was magical and at the top we got a wonderful panoramic view down the valley to Lake Revelstoke in the distance.

After the short walk around Eagle Knoll Trail we arrived back at Balsam lake and spoke to one of the Park Rangers who told us that there had been some grizzly bear activity the day before hence the large warning notices posted at the park. Apparent there is one very large grizzly bear in that area and he had been checking out the area right at the lake the day before. This is just what we wanted to hear before we tackled the next trail from Balsam Lake up to the summit of Mount Revelstoke.

The trail to the summit was only about 1km and was a lovely small path surrounded by forest and powdered snow making it very beautiful. There were lovely green meadows and a large variety of wild mushrooms in that area.

At the summit there was a seris of small ponds, which of course were all frozen making it look like a winter wonderland.

We climbed up the Fire Tower Trail to the fire lookout station and then back down to Lake Heather.

Mount Revelstoke’s trails range from short, valley-bottom strolls, to steep, tough climbs. Some offer spectacular panoramic views of mountains from subalpine meadows lush with wildflowers, while others wind through stands of old-growth cedar-hemlock forests. Whatever trail you choose, come prepared for travel in a rugged mountain environment and unpredictable weather. 

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