Canadian Rockies Road Trip – Mount Robson National Park

We decided to do the trek from the Mount Robson National Park Visitors Centre up to Kinney Lake which was a round trip of about 13km. Starting at around 8:00am in the morning there were not any other people on the small trail that headed into the forest towards Kinney Lake at the base of Mount Robson. It was eery to walk through this dense forest knowing that there could be bears in the vicinity. Luckily the only “bear” we saw was the stuffed grizzly bear in the visitors centre.

The trail followed the Robson River and slowly inclined all the way up to the Kinney Lake. This trail continued after Kinney Lake all the way up to Berg Lake but that was a much longer trek of around 21km and would take around 14 hours.

Mount Robson Provincial Park is a vast provincial park in the Canadian Rockies with an area of 2,249 km². The park is located entirely within British Columbia, bordering Jasper National Park in Alberta. The B.C. legislature created the park in 1913, the same year as the first ascent of Mount Robson by a party led by Conrad Kain. It is the second oldest park in the provincial system. The park is named for Mount Robson, which has the highest point in the Canadian Rockies and is located entirely within the park.

The first recreational trail was built in 1913 by Jasper outfitter Donald “Curly” Phillips along the Robson River to Berg Lake.

Along the trail we saw some beautiful trees, berries, ferns and mushrooms.

From May to September, the Mt. Robson Visitor Information Centre is open to the public, and is a common stop on the Yellowhead Highway. The only commercial services within the park are at a combination coffee-shop gas station complex at the same viewpoint. There are two government campgrounds near the Visitor Centre and one near Yellowhead Pass.

The park spans the Yellowhead Highway and is located 390 kilometres west of Edmonton or 290 kilometres east of Prince George.

The source of the Fraser River is in Mount Robson Provincial Park. A dripping spring just west of a pond at Fraser Pass is the actual source of British Columbia’s longest river. It is located 40 km (25 mi) south of the Yellowhead Highway at Lucerne Campground. There are no trails there and the best access is by helicopter from Valemount.

We eventually reached Kinney Lake which was really stunning surrounded by cloud covered mountains.

We continued on the trail for another hour up to the rocky “beach” further up the east side of Kinney Lake then turned back and had a brief picnic lunch by the side of Kinney Lake.

In 1990 Mount Robson Park was included within the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site. Together with the other national and provincial parks that comprise the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, the park was recognized for its natural beauty and the geological and ecological significance of its mountain landscapes containing the habitats of rare and endangered species, mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, limestone caves and fossils.

We got fleeting glimpses of Mount Robson above us through the mist and clouds.

It was a long and tiring trek but well worth it for the sheer beauty and grandeur of the forest and mountains.

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