Namtso Lake, Tibet

Namtso Lake, Tibet

Namtso Lake (Lake Nam or Nam Co), “Heavenly lake”,  is the highest salt water lake in the world and is located in Tibet, about 112 miles NNW of Lhasa at a height of 4,718m. It is 70km long and 30km wide and surrounded by a ring of high mountains making it a very scenic spot.

Namtso Lake, Tibet

After a long journey from Shigatse to Namtso Lake we had a short while in the morning before we had to leave to get some wonderful views of the lake from the promontory where our accommodation was located. Because of the altitude just the short walk up the steep slope to the viewpoint took my breath away.

Namtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, Tibet

Our accommodation was unfortunately very poor, and located in an area that could only be described as looking like a refugee camp with very shoddy cabins and a selection of very shabby restaurants. It is a real shame to see such a pristine environmental area such as Namtso Lake being spoiled by extremely poor tourist facilities.

Namtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, Tibet

The hotel we stayed at was very bad with a very poor restaurant plus some bad attitude by the local hotel staff as well, making it a rather unwelcome and uncomfortable stay.

Namtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, Tibet

The rooms were very basic but worse than all of this were the shocking toilet facilities which were the worst we had experienced in Tibet to date, and that was saying something! The toilets were so bad most people didn’t use them and just used the surrounding area.

Namtso Lake, Tibet

Namtso Lake, Tibet
Subtle signage to the toilets
The open air outside toilet
IMG_1907 1
The open air outside toilet

The area was surrounded by run-down cabins and overall very messy. So other than the beautiful lake it was a rather disappointing visit given the long and arduous journey we had taken to come here.

Namtso Lake, Tibet

Walking down to the lakeside from our “hotel” I saw a small temple and a number of large yaks grazing on the sparse ground.

Namtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, TibetNamtso Lake, Tibet

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