Melvich, Sutherland

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Melvich is a delightful village on the north coast of Scotland I had the opportunity to stay in after a trip to Orkney. It is situated on the A836 road near the mouth of the River Halladale. The area offers some great walks as well as some good salmon/trout fishing.

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As you approach Melvich from the east on the A836 you pass over the River Halladale which at the time was surrounded by some vivid yellow gorse making for  some lovely views.

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We stayed at the Melvich Hotel which is on the west side of the village. The hotel is very comfortable has a cosy bar and a great restaurant specialising in (believe it or not) Italian pizza made freshly in a wood-fired pizza oven …. highly recommended.


From the hotel garden at the rear you get a wonderful view over the bay, Melvich Beach and out to the cliffs below Rubha an Tuir to the east.

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There is a really great walk down at the mouth of the River Halladale as it enters the sea. Park at the small car park behind the beach and you can walk down to the river which has a rustic old bridge over to a large hunting lodge on the east side.


Walking across the beautiful sand dunes you reach the beachfront at the stunning large bay. Watch out for the pesky terns who nest in the dunes …. they will dive bomb you to scare you off.


Right next to Melvich is the small village of Portskerry and it is worth a walk to Portskerra Harbour, offering wonderful views over the bay and back to Melvich Beach where the River Halladale enters the sea.

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