Da Nang, Vietnam

A few days in Vietnam at the end of December was a welcome relief from the hot humidity of Malaysia and the vestiges of the drawn out kitchen renovation at the house. We spent one day and one night in Da Nang which is a pleasant seaside resort town with a magnificent long beach. At this time of year the weather was cool and a little cloudy and rainy. There were large waves crashing in to the beach from the east but it was very pleasant to walk along the shore getting the cool sea air.

Our first stop was lunch …. and of course we had to try the local beef noodles at the recommended Mi Quang A1 Noodle Restaurant.


It was a small coffee shop but the noodles were authentic and good. I noted they already had their 2018 calendar on the wall in anticipation of the New Year.


A walk back took us over the famous Dragon Bridge which straddles the River Hàn. The bridge structure includes an incredible yellow dragon which apparently looks great in the evening when it is all lit up.


We then took a wonderful walk along the beachfront looking out to the East Vietnam Sea. Along the headland we could see a large Goddess of Mercy statue.


There were many fisherman on the front tending to their nets. Their unique small circular boats reminded me of the coracle boats from Wales.


The sea wall was colourfully painted with local Vietnamese murals which brightened up the beachfront.


We had a pleasant drink at a seafront restaurant before heading back to our hotel which was right on the beachfront road.


On the roof of our hotel there was a cocktail bar and a small swimming pool and from here you could enjoy a great view over the seafront.


The seafront had many seafood restaurants and of course we had to try one that evening for dinner. It was great to sit right on the seafront listening to the waves as we tucked into some great local lobster.


It was a very short stay in Da Nang but very pleasant at this time of year. I’m sure it must get very busy during the popular tourist time when it is warmer and you can see all along the coast huge developments with hotels, resorts and golf courses which will make this area very touristy in the coming years. Now it was time to drive south to Hoi An just a 30 – 45 mins away down the coast.

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