Higashiyama District of Kyoto

For most of Kyoto’s history, the area of Higashiyama (Eastern Mountains) lay outside of the official city boundary and as a result it was always more rustic and secluded. Furthermore, being separated from the main city by the  Kamo River, it was spared the fires that often ravaged Kyoto. Consequently, Higashiyama  remains one of the city’s most charming and unspoiled districts. The small area lying east of Gion has some delightful stone-paved roads leading up to the Kiyomizu Temple.
Two flagstone-paved streets called Ninezaka (two-year slope) and Sannenzaka (three-year slope) are a preservation district and display some wonderful examples of architecture as well as some lovely shops and restaurants. Take care on these steps – local lore says that if you slip on these streets brings you two or three years’ bad luck.
You can usually spot a number of trishaw riders in this area as well as the occasional maiko dashing along the narrow alleys.

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