Photo Tip – Motion Effect

On a recent holiday in Spain I came across a lovely old merry-go-round at the beachfront in San Sebastian which was a great subject for a photo. Thinking a little creatively I wanted to capture the sense of motion so dialed in a slow shutter speed to my camera. Problem ….. this was mid-day and extremely bright so even at the smallest f22 aperture the shot was completely blown out and overexposed. I abandoned these shots and assumed them to be in the reject category – luckily I never usually delete any shots on the camera.
I forgot about the merry-go-round shots I had taken until later when post-processing my holiday photos I came across the completely blown-out merry-go-round shot as shown here.

Going through my normal Aperture workflow, and out of curiosity, I grabbed the exposure slider and pulled this back dialing in a -2.00 EV value and miraculously managed to pull out a reasonable picture highlighting the merry-go-round movement as I had wanted.

This shows the advantages of using RAW format when taking photos allowing you the ability to adjust key parameters such as exposure in the post-processing phase.

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