Heartache & Hope – Orphans of Cambodia – New E-Book Published

In November 2007 I attended the Angkor Photography Festival in Siem Reap, Cambodia and signed up for a photography workshop run by Gary Knight of VII photo agency and Philip Blenkinsop, an independent documentary photographer. This was a full 7 day course and required you to work a documentary story by deciding on a specific topic, shooting all the images in the field, editing your images and then preparing in a concise final format your story as if presenting for a journal or magazine. During this workshop we were mentored by Gary and Philip as we compiled our stories and edited the images chosen for the final cut of our story. The final part of the workshop was an evening slideshow presentation projected onto a large screen in the garden of the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) Hotel in Siem Reap when you had the opportunity to showcase your story. 

The short story I presented, Heartache & Hope, at the conclusion of this workshop was a story highlighting the plight of the orphans in Siem Reap showing their miserable existence on the streets of the city scavenging and begging. The contrasting upside of my story was then documenting the rehabilitation of orphans at an orphanage where they were given accommodation, food, care and importantly education to help them in their future life. 

The photo story presented at that time was very brief so now is the opportunity to fully document this story in a more comprehensive fashion in this book.

I have taken the opportunity to go back through all my original RAW images and reprocessed these using modern, superior software which brings out much more detail and depth than was originally presented.

Heartache & Hope – now on Apple Books at : https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1515247647

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