A Walk in the Rice Paddy Fields of Bali

Just on the northern outskirts of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia there is one of my favourite walks through the lush green rice paddy fields.

Heading up Jalan Kajeng from the main street in Ubud you soon reach the rice paddy field area and can follow some small paths along the perimeter of the rice fields.

Along the way there are numerous small restaurants, shops and art galleries.

Along the way as we walked it was interesting to meet and photograph some of the colourful locals at work. These characters were wonderful portrait candidates and their tough lives seemed to be etched on their rugged faces.

This delightful lady in her colourful batik outfit made me a cup of local coffee which was much appreciated. Her shop was selling local paintings.

There were some lovely small places to stay along these paths and right beside the rice paddy fields such as the Matahari Lumbung Bungalows

We saw many ducks during our walk and these are reared in the area by the local farmers. You will see a lot of “bebek” items on the local food menus.

Chicken Rice

Walking further along these small paths beside the rice paddy fields I came across an old friend. This lady carrying the vegetables on her head seemed to be somewhat familiar and suddenly I remembered that I’d photographed her 5 years previously during a walk through the same area.

She looked at me rather quizzically wondering who this strange “orang kulit putih” was that was always taking her photograph. The photo below is one I took of the same lady in 2007 some 5 years earlier.

As we continued we met a local worker in the fields who offered us some local coconut. he quickly climbed a coconut tree and opened a lovely fresh coconut for us to try.

After giving us the coconut to try the man then returned to his hard labour digging out the mud from the water channel.

The small local wooden houses were rather quaint sitting amongst the fields of rice.

I saw this old man working hard in the fields and he had such a rugged distinctive look I asked him if I could take a few photographs. I have no idea how old he was but he was still very fit, no doubt working every day physically in the fields.

The old man’s face was wrinkled and dark brown from many years working in the sun and made a great portrait.

We met many locals working as we walked and we got many smiles from them as we passed. This man was particularly happy!

This old lady was covered in mud as she worked to tend the rice. I am sure in many years this area will be developed and the natural rural life will be gone forever. We had already seen some development of small hotels and luxury accommotaion at the perimeter of the rice paddy fields.

A walk through the rice paddy fields is very relaxing and therapeutic and a highly recommended activity if you are in the Ubud area of Bali.

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