Shi Chung School, Penang (Revisit & Reprocess)

I posted a story about this abandoned school building in George Town, Penang, Malaysia in 2016 and at that time my image processing workflow was a little different. You can see the original story here and read all about the fascinating history of this building there.

At that time I was still using Apple’s Aperture application for all my image processing. I was also at that time using HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques which involved taking a number of bracketed shots and then using the HDR software application I post-processed the bracketed images into one composite final image using tone mapping. The technical thought behind this process was the ability to properly expose both the very bright portions of the image as well as the deep shadow portions and merge this into a balanced image showing all the details of the highlights and the shadows. I have used a number of different HDR software applications in the past including Photomatix Pro, HDR Efex Pro and Aurora HDR Pro. I believe it was the latter application that was used in the original processing of the Shu Chung School images.

My current workflow does away with the need for bracketed images as I feel the image processing software and the techniques I currently use can bring out details in both the highlights and the shadows to the required levels without the need to matching individual bracketed images with all the inherent motion problems that this sometimes has.

So I have revisited the images I took at the Shi Chung School and run these through my current post-processing workflow.

As a starting point, I present the direct comparison of the same image as processed originally back in 2016 using HDR techniques and the current processing technique using Capture One Pro 12 plus Color Efex Pro 4.

Processed using Aperture + Aurora HDR
Processed using Capture One Pro 12 + Color Efex Pro 4

The original HDR processing brought out the details in the sky but the highlights of the building appear dark and muddied creating a rather dark and foreboding atmosphere. This is all good if this is what you need to convey but I felt I needed more exposure of the light portions which I feel that the current processing workflow certainly brings out and at the same time still conveys the dark details of the sky.

The rest of the photographs using the latest processing techniques are presented below.

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