Ballycotton Cliff Walk

After the hustle and bustle of Belfast and Dublin it was good to arrive in Cork for 2 nights and then get down to the south coast for a good walk along the beautiful Irish coastline. The small peaceful fishing village of Ballycotton is about 42km east of Cork at the end of a headland and here you can take a wonderful walk along the cliffs with stunning views over the Celtic Sea.


A well marked path takes you along the cliff tops and fields on the coastline and all along the route are stunning views of the cliffs and the opportunity to see a rich variety of birdlife.

Sticks In The SkyIMG_0770IMG_0771IMG_0786IMG_0787IMG_0789

There are a number of stiles and gates you have to pass through – don’t do what I did and try to take a shortcut over the fence – I found it was electrified which gave me quite a little bang!

IMG_0790Ballycotton Cliff WalkFields of GoldIMG_0794IMG_0795IMG_0796Clover LeafIMG_0800IMG_0801IMG_0802IMG_0803IMG_0804IMG_0805IMG_0806IMG_0807IMG_0808Ballycotton Cliff WalkTracks In The CornIMG_0815

All along the top of the cliffs where the path runs are beautiful fields making for great contrast between the golden fields and the blue sky and sea.

Tracks In The CornWhispering WheatIMG_0819IMG_0820Ballycotton Cliff Walk

It is a very easy walk but one of the more rewarding walks I have done, particularly so given the wonderful weather we had that day.


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