Have just downloaded the beta release of OS X 10.10.3 with the new Photos app and benchmarking this on my MacBookPro. I pulled in a very small Aperture library which was residing on my MacBookPro which seemed to go ok although the app was working overtime doing something as it processed the images (not sure what as there is not an activity window like you get in Aperture).

Photos appears to be fairly rudimentary although eventually after a bit of tweaking and browsing I found the histogram window, levels control, white balance adjustment and definition, noise reduction and vignette controls. 

Other editing tools comprise the usual basic exposure, highlights, shadows, brightness, contrast and black point sliders and colour sliders with saturation, contrast and cast controls.
There is a black and white option and definition and sharpening sliders.

However sad to see no star rating system carried over from the imported Aperture library – rather just converted to a key word with the star rating. Given that this is a very early release I hope Apple can focus on getting some power functionality into Photos to appease the many disillusioned Aperture users.

It appears to be very much an iPhoto type app rather than the serious pro Aperture app in its present guise…. .we shall see as this develops – let’s hope Apple get a little bit more serious with this app as otherwise it is going to leave a lot of serious Aperture users eventually (if not already) to jump ship to Lightroom or Capture One.

I will continue to evaluate this new Photos app in the coming weeks and alongside this I am also evaluating Capture One from Phase One. More reports to come in the coming weeks.

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