The Canals of Treviso

Treviso is a city in Veneto, northern Italy. It is the capital of the province of Treviso and the municipality has 82,854 inhabitants (as of November 2010): some 3,000 live within the Venetian walls (le Mura) or in the historical and monumental center, some 80,000 live in the urban center proper while the city hinterland has a population of approximately 170,000. The city is home to the headquarters of clothing retailer Benetton, Diadora and Lotto Sport Italia, appliance maker De’Longhi, and bicycle maker Pinarello.

Treviso is also known for being the original production area of the Prosecco wine, and being the town where popular Italian dessert Tiramisu was created.

Like Venice, Treviso has canals, but unlike Venice does not have gondolas or more importantly the mad rushing tourists which makes it a very pleasant place to visit. Walking the many small streets traversing the few canals there are scenes you will see that remind you of a painting . apart from the large crane that was in operation. It is not as touristic as Venice but has all the other great attributes such as wonderful Italian food and local wine. 

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