All over Asia I have witnessed an incredible ability of people to sleep almost anywhere. No matter what cramped situation, noisy location or downright dirty environment people have no problems in making themselves comfortable and getting some shut eye. Oh how I wish I could learn that ability.  Even on long haul flights of 12 hours I am the guy who is sitting straight up with eyes wide open while everyone around me is making the most of it.
The meat market above in Siem Reap was a great example where this lady simply slung up her hammock over the stall and got busy with the Zzzz’s.

So whether it’s a hammock a floor mat or a chair Asians are well experienced of getting horizontal if only for a short while. This lady above has neatly propped her legs up the wall and placed a straw fan over her eyes as shades.

And … it doesn’t really matter what you look like. Again the Asians have apparently no shame or worry about appearances ….. this old guy in Urumqi in West China has laid himself out in the middle of the town square and taken off his shoes to get comfy. Holy socks …… not a problem. They call it ventilation!
This guy in Hangzhou, China has chosen a perfect spot in front of some grand old doors and complete with his “Nordic Casual Style” sleeping bag he can sleep throughout the cold winter night.

Or if you’re a taxi driver, lorry driver or trishaw rider you have already the perfect place to stretch out and snooze as seen here with this trishaw rider in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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