i-Phone Friday

It’s Friday and time for a new theme. I call it i-Phone Friday. The i-Phone camera produces a pretty decent 5 Mp image and now with the multitude of photo post-processing i-Phone apps it’s amazing what you can produce from a very portable and easily accessible camera in your pocket. So I decided to start to hone my skills in the use of my i-Phone camera and the few photography apps I have just to see what we can come up with.
So starting today here is the first i-phone image …. a pretty mundane shot of a flower …. a little mini rose that is in my garden. The shot is post processed in a recent app released by Nik Software called SnapSeed which offers a multitude of image manipulation and filters.
So look out every Friday will now be i-Phone Friday ….. let’s see how creative we can be …. hope my Canon 5D will not get too jealous!

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