Where Will You Spend Eternity?

“The End is Nigh!” cried this street preacher outside the St. Patrick’s cathedral on 5th Avenue during the New York Easter Parade. “Be wise and repent! The time is fulfilled!! The end is at hand!!!” As I have said before one of my photo tips is to capture people who are really busy and preoccupied with their job at hand. This guy was so intent on his rantings and his sermon to the crowds I could get real close and he was unaware of me taking photos. This usually results in more candid and realistic images and I think this one certainly captures that moment on the street. 

In a similar fashion to the recent newsworthy Harold Camping who predicted the end of the world and his wonderful “rapture” theory I think this guy here is barking up a similar tree with rampant and wild predictions. Anyway it certainly added to the atmosphere and jollity of the Easter Day parade which abounded with similar extravagant characters.

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