Puri Saren

Puri Saren is the name of Ubud Palace, the Kings of Ubud’s Compound strategically located in the center of Ubud Village. This place is previously used as governance center in the empire era. Ubud Palace is one of places to visit in Bali which is a lot of visited by foreign and domestic tourist everyday because this place is featured by the unique buildings and fully ornamented by Balinese traditional interiors. Each building is designed by Balinese traditional architectures from the entrance gate to the single corner. The lush tropical garden with beautiful flower follows the empire nuance and creates the peaceful atmosphere. From the late 19th century to the mid-1940s, this was the seat for the local ruler. It’s a series of elegant and well-preserved pavilions, many decorated incongruously with colonial-era European furniture. Visitors are welcome to stroll around, though no signs explain what you are looking at. Evening dance performances are held in the courtyard, by far the best and most dramatic setting for these in Ubud. Many members of the royal family still live here and if you are lucky enough one might just show you around.

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