Birch Road Christian Cemetery

Once again I continue my morbid theme on cemeteries. To me, however, they provide an atmospheric and peaceful setting for photography and particularly so when combined with HDR photography which seems to add to the mood of the images. 

The Birch Road Cemetery is a Christian Cemetery which lies just to the north of the Kwong Tong Chinese Cemetery and sits in the corner between Jalan Maharajalela and Jalan Dewan Bahasa.  Birch Road originally ran from the small roundabout at the end of Petaling Street, now enlarged to Bulatan Merdeka, in front of the Chinese Assembly Hall, past Stadium Merdeka and Victoria Institution to the Edinburgh Circle, no longer a circle but a large junction with an underpass. Birch Road is now Jalan Maharajalela, named after the local Malay chief who was, ironically, involved in the killing of James W. W. Birch, a British Resident in Perak, in 1875.

Video slideshow can be see here.

One thought on “Birch Road Christian Cemetery

  1. I Lived near this old Cemetry for 2years, it is sad to see it so run down and neglected.
    BTW the re-naming of the road is not by chance.
    I would recomend you take a trip up to bukit sepeteh if you like to walk in atmospheric old cemetry's.
    The view of KL is one of the best I know of from the Hokkien cemetry especialy at sunset.It is one of the most crowded yet peacful spots in KL!
    very nice pictures.

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