Lost City of Angkor

One of the problems facing a photographer is how to display your work. Websites, video slideshows and large framed prints are good but I guess the most traditional way of presenting your photo story is in the form of a book. This has been on my list for some time now and at last I have completed my first photo book, now currently at the printers for final production.
During my time in Cambodia, when I did the project on the orphans of Siem Reap as part of the Gary Knight/Philip Blenkinsop VII Photo Agency Workshop, I had the opportunity of course to visit many of the wonderful Angkor complex temples around Siem Reap. As a photo subject they are awesome but when you dig deeper there is a fascinating story going way back to the 9th century when these temples were built as part of a highly complex and extensive city …. the city of Angkor.
My book focuses on some of these temples and briefly describes the background of Angkor and the ultimate demise of this sophisticated society.
I have some ideas for further photo books so watch this space for more news.

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