Prasat Neang Khmau, Koh Ker

Prasat Neang Khmau is part of the large Koh Ker temple complex which lies in the forests of North Cambodia. Koh Ker was the capital of the Angkorian empire from AD928 to AD944 and has been for sometime one of Cambodia’s most remote and inaccessible temple complexes. However due to recent de-mining and the opening up of a new road this puts Koh Ker in reach from Siem Reap by a day trip. The temple complex has some 42 separate structures in an area of 9km by 4km so to really appreciate it you should really spend the night in the area.
I combined a visit to this temple complex following a visit to the far north hillside temple of Preah Vihear (blog postings on this wonderous temple to be posted later) and then managed to fit in a brief pre-dusk visit to Beng Mealea on the way back to Siem Reap. 
Prasat Neang Khmau at Koh Ker is not to be confused with a similar named temple south of Phnom Penh which is also known as the Temple of the Black Virgin.
More on the Koh Ker temple complex to be posted later ……… stay tuned.

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